Navigating turbulent times in Executive careers

Navigating a career crisis alone, when time pressure and emotional strains are at their highest, is risky for today and tomorrow’s future.

Our Career Crisis Management practice guides Executives in defining optimal strategies during peak crisis conditions. 

This exclusive service offers bespoke, result-oriented coaching, tailored to each Executive, with on-demand sessions spanning 3 or 6 months. 

The program addresses key dimensions: tactical decision-making, emotional support, negotiation, adaptive communication, agenda management, and future anticipation. 

With a seasoned strategic partner, Executives regain control, paving the way for promising futures.


Accelerating Executive career transitions

The main risk of embarking on a career transition unprepared and alone can be like navigating the roaring 40s’ without a compass and ultimately miss exciting opportunities.

Our Executive Outplacement practice guides Executives through strategic job transitions, helping design the best strategies for accelerated job transitions and meaningful career paths.

Our approach, tailored for each Executive, offers a 12 or 18 month- partnership with on-demand individual coaching and advisory sessions. 

The program adresses key dimensions such as aiming for ambitious projects, testing options, managing stress, high standard preparations, active networking & visibility, target achievement. 

Beyond a safe journey, our Executive Outplacement proposition is also a chance to turn a job transition into new beginnings to boost a career path. 


Investing in the sucess of newly appointed Executives

Embarking on a new executive role presents significant challenges amid tight time constraints. 

Our Executive Onboarding practice facilitates a seamless transition with personalised coaching and advisory across 10 to 12 sessions over 12 months. 

Providing continuous support and guidance in those critical initial months, the program addresses decision-making, leadership style, goals, and values for adaptation to the new professional landscape. 

The Executive Onboarding program acts as the guiding compass, empowering executives to thrive



Forward-thinking future career trajectories

Amid industry cycles, disruptive trends, and accelerated role rotation, Executive careers demand (pro)active management.

Our Career Strategy helps Executives be agile through complexities while proactively shaping their future. 

Tailored for each Executive, our program offers 10 to 12 coaching and advisory sessions over 12 to 18 months. 

The approach ensures a comprehensive and strategic preparation for future decisions covering value clarification, options & goal setting, networking, branding, visibility, adaptive leadership, skill development, and decision-making mastery. 

Beyond an invaluable investment for success, our program boosts motivation and engagement, ensuring sustainable professional growth.